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Center for Asian Crime Studies

A similar company to DNA Micro, Ibex Data's brand message communicates the company's uniquely structured approach to solving customer problems.

Structural strength is, in fact the company's differentiation. The first round of logo brands conveyed a forward-looking, minimalist tech company with structure and order, playing on the company name.

Logo Brands

Center for Organized Crime Studies

Inspired by the 'structural' brand element and the 'Ibex' name, the owner collaborated with us sketching out an elegant geometric Ibex concept.

As long as the image conforms to the brand message, we're happy to take suggestions. We iterated on the geometry to give the client various subtle refinements and color choices. Blue conveys calm and control; red conveys excitement and adventure.

Logo Brands

Wreck Chasers

This television pilot for the Discovery Channel required a logotype strikingly different from the previous example.

By weathering and corroding a simple design, additional depth and mystery were conveyed without adding complexity and, therefore, confusion.

The show's subject - aviation history - is conveyed with the pilot's wings and gold color scheme.

Logo Brands


In the current fashion of hard economic times, our financial and mortgage clients are finding it a tough race to keep ahead.

One winner has been Modiloan, providing loan modification eligibility services to homeowners.

Logo Brands

Ashima Games

Logo brand initial round for Ashima Games Corporate brand.

Logo Brands

Ashima Devices

Logo brand assortment for Ashima Devices Corporate and 3D product suite.